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Kidz 4 Causes Volunteer Base

Being a Volunteer is really simple! You can volunteer as little as 10 minutes and as much as 168 hours a week!

Responsibilities are whatever you want them to be, and they could include:


⁃Putting K4C posts on your social media stories

⁃Hanging flyers around campus

⁃Buying drinks from Dutch Bros when we have fundraisers with them!

⁃Coming up with engaging social media posts

⁃Making playlists for our virtual events

⁃Helping plan an event you are passionate about!

⁃Attending events when you can

⁃Anything else you want to do!

Through our volunteer base, there are also many leadership opportunities you can earn. For example, if you realize you really like the social media aspect of nonprofits, you can lead our social media team!

Being a Kidz 4 Causes Volunteer is a great way to help the community while adding a non-profit to your college applications. Click on the button below to sign up!

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