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Speech and Debate Fundraising

Dates: Ongoing

Money Raised: $6,420

Impact: Has helped over 9 schools and 450 students

Philanthropy: Title 1 Speech and Debate Programs

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CDC Covid-29 Relief Response Fund

Dates: March-May 2020

Money Raised: $10,250

Philanthropy: Covid-19 Relief Fund

Run 4 Covid-19 Relief

Dates: July 27th - August 2nd 2020

Description:  Several high school runners in the Phoenix area volunteered to run as many miles as possible during a week, with sponsors pledging a certain amount of money for each mile they ran. In total the boys ran 133.6 miles. 

Runners: Benji Marsden, Ben Kreisberger Shiven Shah, Xander Black

Money Raised: $3,600

Philanthropy: Navajo Nation Covid-19 Relief 

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Zoom Trivia

Date: 5PM on July 17th 2020

Description: Players were split into teams in order to tackle the featured five rounds of themed trivia fun and to win prizes!

Location: Zoom

Money Raised: $3,600

Philanthropy: Navajo Nation Covid-19 Relief 

Lebanon Explosion Fundraiser

Dates: August 4th-11th 

Money Raised: $7,235

Philanthropy: Lebanese Red Cross

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